Welcome to our humble forums!

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Welcome to our humble forums!

Post by Admin on Sat May 06, 2017 8:53 pm

Hello and welcome to Worldwide Football Forums!

Hello and Welcome! The site has gone up, and I hope everyone will have fun discussing the Beautifull game. My goal with this forum is simple: Create a fun and well-moderated environment for football fans to discuss the sport together.

The rules are following:

  • Don't be a prick. Seriously, any outright hate will result in a warning, and if that fails to stop you, a ban!
  • Swearing. It's okay for a few swear words to get past you, but we are trying to keep this place PG-13, so please use it in moderation.
  • Everything that you might think will get you banned most probably will: Sexual/Pornographic content, spam, hate posts and comments etc.
  • Other than that, have fun. As long as you don't overdue anything you should have a grand time here!


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